HomeComputer Software SuperMicro Handheld Game System

“Is there a future in hand-held electronic entertainment?” So opened the press release announcing HomeComputer Software’s Supermicro on November 1, 1984. The company claimed it was the “world’s first pocket-sized computer that features interchangeable game cartridges.” Earlier game systems were cartridge based. Whether the SuperMicro was the first of its type depends on your definition of “pocket sized.”

Source: HomeComputer Software 1984

As the photo shows, you would need a really big pocket to fit the SuperMicro, especially with the LightPak accessory in the top photo that illuminates the screen. Tellingly, the press release does not provide dimensions. In fact, it’s light on details other than to say it has an LCD and dual microprocessors. Three games were available at launch.

Introduced: November 1984
Original Retail Price: $59.95

Published by

Michael Nadeau

I am the author of Collectible Microcomputers (Schiffer Books, 2002) and have been an editor of many technology publications including BYTE, 80 Micro, and HOT CoCo. My interest in the history of information technology is broad. I use my blogs, ClassicTech and Vintage Computer Photos, to build on the work I did for Collectible Microcomputers.

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