Amdek 3-inch Micro-Floppydisk Dual-Cartridge Drive

Removeable storage technology in the early 1980 was diverse with many competing standards. Not surprisingly, some were short-lived as they failed to interest enough system manufacturers and software firms.

Amdek Micro-Floppydisk drive
Source: Amdek, 1984

Amdek’s Micro-Floppydisk was a good example. The company was a leading peripherals vendor with a wide product line. The market was starting to move away from the then-standard 5.25-inch floppy disks, and Amdek saw an opportunity to establish itself with a smaller format storage device.

Amdek Micro-Floppydisk cartridge
Source: Amdek, 1984

The first generation of Amdek’s 3-inch drives launched in 1982 and was called the AmDisk-3. It was marketed primarily to Apple II users. It was based on the Hitachi/Matsushita/Maxell design. The Micro-Floppydisk dual-cartridge drive was introduced in 1984 and was available for a wider range of systems.

Sony’s 3.5-inch floppy format eventually won the day in the removeable storage wars.

Introduced: 1984
Original Retail Price: $899
Base Configuration: 2 3-inch floppy disk drives with a combined 1MB capacity, plug-compatible with 5.25-inch floppy drives

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Michael Nadeau

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